Swimming Triathlon Training

Triathon swimming training

Every triathlete’s nemesis… the dreaded swimming section! Many people find swimming the hardest aspect of the triathlon to master, due in no small part to the importance of technique. We will be using Swim Smooth for a short period until club swimming resumes. For further information see Triathlon Europe.

Also there is a Triathlon swim session at Charing Cross Sports Club on Tuesday evening 7 til 8pm. It’s a small group with two lanes, non members can pay and play for £5. These sessions will be taken by Stu and Lauren. For any more information please contact the club.

During the winter months, we alternate each week between technique and fitness sessions so you can work on both skills and condition. The technique sessions focus on specific aspects of swimming, with a slant towards triathlon specific technique, while the fitness sessions are a mixture of speed and endurance work with varied rests. During the summer months we focus more on speed to ensure you are ready for those all-important races.

Just like our running and cycling sessions, we are more than happy to work with everyone from experienced club swimmers to those just starting out. However, due to the group environment of these sessions, we unfortunately cannot accommodate complete beginners: the minimum criterion for swimming with us is that you can swim 300m of front crawl. The sessions focus predominantly on front crawl, but we also mix in the other strokes to ensure good stroke development – and more importantly active rest!

Check out the table below for a rough guide on what to expect throughout the year:


October – December Concentrate on technique and base fitness
January – April Endurance fitness; stroke rate and rhythm work
May – August Race preparation
September – October Recovery phase and final race preparation


Things to bring

  • Suitable trunks or shorts of costume. We strongly recommend that you invest in a pair of streamlined swim shorts!
  • Goggles
  • Swim hat (optional)
  • A 750ml bottle of water or sports drink
  • Towel (unless you want to go home dripping)
  • We can provide basic float equipment such as kick boards and pull buoy