Running Triathlon Training

Triathlon running training

Many triathletes and runners make the mistake of thinking that, in order to get fitter, they have to run for longer. This couldn’t be further from the truth! When it comes to training, consistency and quality are far more beneficial than tens – or even hundreds – of junk miles.

Whether you want to run faster or farther, our track sessions are the perfect for boosting that all important speed and endurance. One of most important things we teach at these sessions is who to judge your pace. Through the different length and speed runs our coach Jon sets, you will soon learn how far – and fast – you can push your body, and how you can improve as quickly as possible.

The clubs track sessions are aimed at all ability levels and are suitable for training for anything from 5k races up to marathon distances. We’re lucky enough to have our sessions led by Jon Munroe, who, in addition to being a very experienced running and triathlon coach, has won medals in long jump for the UK at the European and World Championships.

Jon uses session plans that run throughout the whole year, aiming to reach peak fitness during the all-important race months (April to October). The focus throughout the summer period is predominantly on building speed and strength, with slightly less mileage to ensure you are in the best possible shape for races.

During the off season (October to March), we focus a little more on building efficiency, speed endurance and laying down a firm aerobic base. Progress in these sessions is measured with regular Cooper Tests and set pace runs to give you some solid data to show you how much progress you’re making. (To see current club members’ times and progress, please take a look at our club stats page.)

We train twice a week (Mondays & Thursdays) at the Millennium Arena in Battersea Park. The sessions begin at 18.30 and last for an hour, starting with 40-45 minutes of running and followed by a core conditioning and fitness circuit.

Additional to the track based sessions, Emerick Kaitell also runs a park based run session over the winter months. These sessions are again very suitable for all ability levels and look to integrate longer paced intervals with a focus on some of the technical aspects of running and the importance of strength and conditioning. These sessions are really great for anyone looking to build sensible running intervals into their programme without getting injured. These sessions are based in Battersea park or Putney  Hill. Weekly emails are sent out to confirm locations.

Check out the table below to give you an idea of what to expect from our wednesday night run sessions:




October – December Technique with stride pacing and conditioning


January – march Strength conditioning with timed running repetitions


March – April Hill training with fitness training


May – October Cycle and transition work


Millenium Arena, Battersea Park

Things to bring

  • 1 750ml drink (as a minimum)
  • Sports watch (for timing and pacing yourself)
  • Heart rate monitor (optional)

Things to wear

  • Running shorts or tights
  • Running vest or t-shirt, jacket if cold
  • Running shoes or racing flats