Weak buttocks ruin a runner….

….or so goes the mantra of most good physiotherapists and conditioning coaches. Gluteal muscles (and specifically the gluteus medius muscle) have been shown to play an important role in controlling the motion through the legs when running, whilst weakness and consequential poor control has been linked to overuse injuries at the knee, shin and hip.

During winter training when most triathletes are working on base fitness and start to run further often neglect good conditioning and strength work and niggles can develop. A niggle in February that could eventually ruin your season if left untreated.

Luckily for you, under the guidance of our experienced coaches we have recently introduced an additional strength and conditioning circuit on a Tuesday evening. This comes at no additional cost to all full members and whilst the weather is so poor it will be run in the plush surroundings of Cupcake in Parsons Green! So remember, get down on a Tuesday night for a total body workout and remember, get strong, run long.

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