Want to stay injury free….bring on the core!

Core and strength training is always hot topic when it comes to triathlon, Helen Jenkins is just one example of a great athlete who has suffered at the hand of our brutal sport. As fitness fanatics we all know exercise is good for us but sometimes we are guilty of pushing ourselves a little too hard and causing an injury. Alongside a progressive and structured training plan, core stability and strength training are the building blocks of keeping you injury free and most importantly swimming, cycling and running fast (lets be honest, that’s what we really care about)!

So its on that note that I announce the launch of our new core and strength circuit as part of your weekly triathlon training fix! We will be running a 1 hour core and strength training session every Tuesday eve 7-8 pm in the outdoor gym at Battersea Park. Our resident PT Harry Boyle from Whatever the weather Fitness will be leading the sessions. Please email if you have any questions and hope to see you perfecting some of the good stuff seen in this video….

If you can do this i’m well impressed!

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