Tri Training Harder- The best camps in Europe…FACT!

Following a recent sponsorship deal with Tri Training Harder we now have access to lots of great deals. Most importantly we get a tidy discount off the cost of their weekly training camps that run from the Algarve, Portugal from January to June every year. For those who have not heard myself and various others rattling on about it, it really is a great training experience and very good value for money.


To summarise what to expect:

  1. Amazing facilities: 4 star accommodation, access to hotel spa, fully catered home cooked food, access to amazing 50m pool, 400m running track, XC running track and some of the best cycling in Europe.
  2. 5 star Coaching: the team at TTH are dedicated, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and have the scope to deal with all levels of ability.
  3. Hard work: Its an action packed week of tough training. If you are game for it you are able to clock something in the region of 4-500k of cycling, 15+k’s of running and10+ k’s of swimming! No pressure is placed on anyone at any stage so if you do fancy lying by the pool and enjoying the sun then game on!
  4. Video analysis: Running and swimming video analysis with 1:1 feedbcak. The TTH team understand the importance of individualised programmes and feedback. Every member of the group will receive advice on current running/ swimming styles and most importantly, how to correct those frustrating bad habits! Its all about the drills people- be prepared to have your swimming picked apart and put back together again!
  5. Banter: Most importantly there is always a healthy dose of banter (some better than others) and someone who will pick you up and push you to strive to things that you didn’t think you could do. Whether its tough love or gentle encouragement that makes you kick, these guys will push you to achieve your own personal limits and goals.

And if that doesn’t ‘wet your whistle’, check out this promo video….BOOOMMM!

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