Premier Results all round!

With the nights getting longer and the days getting colder its time to sit back and reflect on our seasons efforts and some great efforts there has been. As club captain I’m always humbled, touched and proud of each and every one of our club members who put themselves out there to train and race hard. As a small club we are proud that we provide a tight knit training group which I feel has really flourished this year.


As always we loose one or two to to other countries, other counties and family life but there still very much remains a hard working group of individuals who I’m proud to train and race with. So without further ado… here’s my yearly round up….apologies in advance if I’ve forgotten anyone….there are just two many great efforts to mention them all!

 Iron people:

It’s a special respect and admiration that I have for anyone racing at this distance. I know how hard I train for the shorter distances so I can only imagine the time and effort it takes to go long. Firstly, well done to Philip Lester for completing his 3rd UK ironman in a very speedy time as always. I know he wants more (who doesn’t) but we’re always proud of your iron efforts Phil. Shout outs also go to Neil price for his first UK iron experience and our little Vix who valiantly proved that she has as much heart racing as she does in real life. Its no easy feat to complete an ironman , especially when its not going to plan. Something we can all learn a lesson from…dig deep and NEVER give up.


Continued respect for the nutter Lauren Morris for her Ironman Roth efforts…she completed in a very speedy sub 12hrs, proving that she is capable of executing a fantastic race and further proof that consistent training does pay off! Next Dave Rees, Ellie Dorman and Schalk Blom for there Alpe D’huez endeavours. Although this race is technically not a full Iron distance, it is argued to be one of the hardest long course races on the calendar, which I’m sure they’ll agree! Well done boys and girls. Finally Eugene Leonard for his Ironamn Weymouth result. He’s the dark horse of the pack for sure…keeps his head down, trains hard and pulls a beauty of the bag (I’m not talking about andrea!!).


Onto the equally impressive half distance iron people. To mention a few… Freddie beard for his storming time at Cotswold 113. Vicky Frosdick and Lauren Morris for making the Middle Distance GBR age group team. Alex Heurto for a stormer at Mallorca and his VERY impressive marathon time of 3.08…sub 3 here he comes! J Helen Oxley for her gritty determination despite various injuries, always being late and general scattiness! Andrea Havill for posting a superb time in Weymouth alongside her fella . Khaled Dawas for braving the middle Eastern heat and last but not least…Andy Hatzis who completed Wimbelball 70.3 on sub optimal training loads…think its fair to say that the boy is capable of a lot more if he actually did some more training!


GBR age group racing:

To most who do triathlon will know, its no walk in the park to qualify for the age group teams. The national races always attract a strong field so anyone who earns their GBR tri suit deserves a little mention. Well done to Harry Boyle and Graeme Achison for being our first GBR boys! Both raced against fierce competition at Nottingham to secure their places. Gramene unfortunately then suffered a nasty shoulder injury so had to pull out but Harry went on to represent at World champs in Edmonton and certainly did himself proud. Lauren Morris for her Europeans champ efforts… I can confirm that it was one of the hardest races I’ve ever done and as always she produced a very competitive time despite a little detour on the run course! DOH!


The new and improved!

A little mention to all the guys who have raced regularly and consistently throughout the season. We’ve seen some great improvements from Zoe Maddison, Paul King, Amir Safavi and Sarah Martin. To all the fabulous beginners out there who raced their first triathlons: speedy swimmers Sophie Robinson and Alicia Mason. Donata for her perseverance despite being terrified on a bike. And finally to all those newer, older or injured who have not yet shown us what they’re capable of. We look forward to following your successes next year.


Safe to say its been a truly epic season. Too many funny stories, giggles and long miles to talk about. Thanks always to our amazing coaches and cycle leaders who give up their time and energyt and of course… thanks to all you Premier people….heres to a fast, fun, and cake fuelled 2015!!



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