Iron Phil!

Its with greatĀ admiration thatĀ I write about our very own Ironman. Phil has just gone where no other Premier Tri member has been before! After months of hard and arduous training he just completed his first ever Ironman in an impressive 12hrs and 6 mins. Unfortunately the race was not without drama. He started strongly in the water, completing the mammoth 3.8ks in 1hr 16mins. Onto the bike, he was into a good rhythm until disaster hit with just 20miles to go. In a moment of misjudgement he threw his water bottle into the bin but missed- it bounced back into the road and took him out completely! He sustained some nasty grazes and a blow to the calf. He bike was also injured, leaving him with a buckled wheel and handlebars… not the ideal finish to 112 miles of pain!

At this point, any normal person would probably give up and call it a day, not Phil! On he ploughed to complete his bike section in an impressive 6hrs 22mins. He hit the run hard and cruised round in just over 4 hrs. All in all, a bloody hard days work! We are extremely proud of his epic efforts, its a testament to his hard work and dedication. I no doubt believe that this will leave our hero hungry for more… watch this space people, Iron Phil will be back!

Interested in doing an Ironman??!! Check out the official website:

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