Challenge Roth Race Report

Thanks again to Lauren Morris for the below race report of her epic race at Challenge Roth  in July 2014.



Long distance triathlon is, as the name suggests, a long process. It begins many months before you toe the start line and mine started sometime way back in the summer of 2013 when an innocent Facebook chat became the catalyst that started me on the road to my first full distance triathlon, DATEV Challenge Roth. The friend I was chatting to informed me that a group of her and her clubmates were going to enter, would I like to do it too? My tentative ‘Err maybe’, became a much more confident ‘hell yes’ as the glass of red wine I was sipping mid chat dwindled away and her persuasion took effect. The next week, when registration opened there I was, fingertips poised and ready at the keyboard to register for a race which, famous for the great Chrissie Wellington’s long distance world record, notoriously sells out fast. Three minutes later, I had one of the coveted spots and the race was sold out! Full of excitement I emailed my partner in crime with the news, only to discover that I was the only one successful in securing a place. Curveball! After some serious consideration I decided that the reason to do an Ironman, if you’re going to do it, is not because your friends are doing it, but because you truly want to do it for yourself. And I did. I really really did. And even more so I wanted to do it at the 30th anniversary of ‘The Best Old Race’ Challenge Roth, legendary for its smooth tarmac and massive crowds. With that in mind training started in earnest.

Fast-forward a year and I’ve spent a winter getting stronger in the gym, logged some serious bike miles, run a practice marathon and spent a whole lot of time in various lakes. I’ve bought A LOT of absolutely necessary bike accessories. I’ve practiced my nutrition plan over and over and I’m as ready as I’m going to be. I step off the plane at Munich airport and curveball number 2 hits me. Its hot. Oh wow is it hot?! Anyone who knows me, knows how northern I am when it comes to racing in the heat. This is not good news. I’m here for 3 days before the race to make the most of the experience and the forecast every day, including race day is 35 degrees and sunny. “Don’t panic. Try and acclimatise. You have 3 days” the internal monologue began. Final workouts were done at dawn and other than registration and course recce’s the only thing to do was make like a local and relax at the open air pool.


Nuremberg’s answer to the Serpentine Lido.

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The Heroes of Hever

Thanks to Lauren for her excellent race report below regarding the Premier Tri season finale at Hever Castle Triathlon on the weekend of the 27th and 28th September 2014.

A gloriously sunny September 28th saw the end of the triathlon season for many, and Premier Tri was no exception. We had a fantastic turn out of four individual racers and four relay teams tackling the Olympic distance, taking on the challenging course of a 1500m lake and river swim, a hilly 40km cycle and a tough cross country 10km run.

The four relay teams consisted of (and I’m not responsible for this)
Barry’s Buttocks: which after a great deal of uncomfortable shifting finally settled on Phil (The Swimmer Ringer), Dave and Sarah M.
Team Bristol: Sophie (aka Nemo), Amir and Sarah G.
Premiere Try: Alicia, Kenny & Neil P.
And last but not least, Top of the Chops: Vicky, Lauren and Laura.

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Race Report: Alpe D’Huez Long Course Triathlon

Below is a race report for the Alpe D’Huez Long Course Triathlon and is written by Premier Tri member David Rees. The views expressed are his alone!


So here I am eight days out from the toughest race of my life and I’m faced with a dilemma. Namely, which end of my convulsing body to aim at the toilet. It turns out that if your ‘mate’ offers you an opportunity to partake in 3.6km swim race down the Thames as a ‘warm-up’ it may not be the benevolent act first figured. And so it was that having two more days ‘rest’ than originally planned and with an enhanced distain for Thames Water avec Rats Urine I set off for the Alps with Premier Tri super star Ellie Dorman and interloper and aforementioned ‘mate’ Barry Crane.


The views almost make the gruelling cycle worthwhile

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Off season- Love it or hate it??!

At the end of a hard season we’re repeatedly told the importance of taking some time out. The pro’s do it so it must be right hey??!! I’ve always been forced (literally) to take at least 2 weeks away from training at the end of the season and I’m usually a pain in the backside! I spend the whole time feeling guilty that I’m not training, feeling lethargic and fat and basically end up annoying the hell out of my coaches and friends…all in all not always an enjoyable couple of weeks for anyone involved! So following my somewhat frustrating season of racing, initially when told that I would have to take 3 WHOLE weeks away from training I could already feel my blood pressure starting to rise…I mean, what on earth am I going to do to fill all this extra time and, actually, thanks to shingles, haven’t I had enough time off already this season?

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Do Winter Weights = Spring Time Savings

It is that time of year when a lot of triathletes are forced indoors by the ‘challenging’ British weather and many of us will start to invest a bit more time in good ol’ winter weights. But what should we be doing? Will it help us come the spring time? Do you really need it? Well unless you’re routinely doing squats on a physioball the answer is probably yes!

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New Conditioning & Core Sessions

We at Premier Tri are very proud to announce our new conditioning/core sessions. Led by experienced triathlon Coach Emerick these sessions will start at 7.30pm outside the Millenium Arena, Battersea Park. The one hour sessions will run around the park and come at no extra cost to our pay monthly members.

night running

The sessions are aimed at improving running efficiency, functional strength and running times, with specific drills that will assist in developing your core and technique. The run sessions will be distance or timed runs varying in length from 1-8km combined with additional core/ functional strength work. The sessions are aimed to compliment the speed work of the track sessions and supplement your own long runs whilst enabling you to identify your most efficient speed to run in your races.
Sessions start Wednesday 23rd October.

New Cycle Routes Page

Check out ournew page on the website! Our new Cycle Routes page is under the Training Sessions tab on the homepage and we will be continually uploading new routes with links to the Garmin website. From here you can download the routes if you’re lucky enough to have a Garmin Edge or simply have a look to see what rides we’ve been doing.


Get ready for some beautiful long winter rides people! And plenty of tea and cake stops……


Heart Rate Training Zones

For those of you who are lucky enough (ahem…..) to have attended one of Paul Mills‘ legendary brick sessions at Crystal Palace you will know that he advises you use heart rate training zones to help ensure you’re working at the right intensity. That and the banging house tunes pumping out from his boom box. These values are also useful when performing turbo sessions at home and with little sign of the weather improving there still appears to be some value in these.


To help you calculate your individual zones simply follow this link and scribble them down. Then all you need to do is get your head down, sweat and try to reach the magic numbers.

Weak buttocks ruin a runner….

….or so goes the mantra of most good physiotherapists and conditioning coaches. Gluteal muscles (and specifically the gluteus medius muscle) have been shown to play an important role in controlling the motion through the legs when running, whilst weakness and consequential poor control has been linked to overuse injuries at the knee, shin and hip.

During winter training when most triathletes are working on base fitness and start to run further often neglect good conditioning and strength work and niggles can develop. A niggle in February that could eventually ruin your season if left untreated.

Luckily for you, under the guidance of our experienced coaches we have recently introduced an additional strength and conditioning circuit on a Tuesday evening. This comes at no additional cost to all full members and whilst the weather is so poor it will be run in the plush surroundings of Cupcake in Parsons Green! So remember, get down on a Tuesday night for a total body workout and remember, get strong, run long.