The Club

Blenheim Triathlon 2011 Swimming

At Premier Tri, we pride ourselves on being a friendly, well-organised club that always welcomes new members – no matter what their level of expertise. We do our best to provide a great training environment where like-minded people can both be part of the team and work towards their individual sporting goals.

After training for (and being addicted to!) triathlons for four years, I started Premier Tri with Jon Munroe in May 2011. We were lucky enough to have a close group of friends who have been part of the club from the start, and together we’ve been able to create a club that feels quite different from most tri clubs out there.

We wanted to build a club where everyone has a say in how things are run – a club run by us, for us. We wanted to build a club that’s serious about training and competing, but also serious about having a good time both on and off the track… or bike. We wanted to build a club that helps us meet our triathlon goals, and inspires us to strive for more. And we’d love you to be part of it.

You can always find someone in the group who will give you a race or a push at training, but we also have plenty of members who attend just to keep fit with a great group of people. All the sessions are staggered depending on numbers so you’ll always have someone to train with, and you’ll soon find yourself running or cycling not so far behind the next fastest group.

Cheering at the end of the Blenheim 2011 triathlon

We pride ourselves on providing high quality, coach-led training sessions across all of the triathlon disciplines. Our sessions are structured to meet the demands of everyone from the competitive age-group athlete right through to those who just want a new and varied way to keep fit.

Our expert coaches have international sporting experience under their belts, and their technical assistance and advice should help to make you a stronger and more efficient sports person whilst reducing the chances of injury. We offer you structured weekly training which will help improve your general fitness and, for the more competitive amongst you, those all-important race times!

Alongside our comprehensive training schedule we have regular social events, pizzas in the park on balmy summer evenings and an annual end of season celebration. Members are also entitled to discounted club kit, 10% off at selected local sports and cycle shops, bike servicing discounts, reduced British Triathlon Federation membership fees and a select discount at the exclusive Gauchos Grill. For more details, please check out our members’ benefits page.

Hope to see you soon!

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