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Triathlon is one of the fastest growing sports in the country. It’s not difficult to see why. As well as giving you three great sports in one, triathlon gives you a fantastic workout and a huge – and hugely addictive – sense of achievement.

  • Premier Tri is a friendly triathlon club based in South West London that is open to people of all levels of fitness and experience.
  • We provide two coached running sessions, one coached swimming session and a group bike ride each week – come as much as you like!
  • Coached sessions led by very experienced triathlon trainers with fifty years’ coaching knowledge between them.
  • Join a fun, friendly and dedicated group of athletes who enjoy triathlon and enjoy working out together.
  • Full membership just £30 a month

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My first Ironman 70.3, by Alfonso

Sunday 3rd SeptemberCascais Portugal

This was my first IronMan 70.3 and I was very excited. In the early morning, after having a huge breakfast including juice, coffee, toasts and pasta, I arrived in the transition area to leave my bike and put on my wetsuit, making sure everything was in the right bag in the right position.


Thirty minutes before the Pros started the race, I went into the sea to warm up and check the water temperature. It was colder than expected, so I decided to star with the bad swimmers as I knew the swim is my worst section and I could overtake more triathletes in the bike and the run.

When the Pros started their race, I was waiting at the box for slow swimmers and my heart rate started going up very quickly.

I started the swim section from the beach of Cascais and everything started to go fine for the single lap of the sea swim, despite I was being hit by other triathletes. When I finished, I looked at my watch and I could see an amazing 35m, so I went very quickly to grab my bag and take all my stuff for the cycling.

At the beginning I felt very strong, I believe because of the excitement, so I overtook a lot of triathletes positioned on my tri bars during the first 50 flat kilometres. I was very surprised at the number of triathletes I overtook, even with my bike, which I think it was in the top 100 of the worst bikes in the competition, so I continued pushing because I felt very motivated. Then the circuit started to go uphill, but I still had some extra strength in my legs. I enjoyed a lot when I went through the Estoril circuit, it was a very good feeling. The last part of the cycling was downhill, so I could recover a little bit from the uphill effort I had done. I finished the cycling in 2h40m, again much much better than expected.

I started to run the 21K very fast. I was very excited because there were a lot of spectators cheering. Finally, I slowed down my pace for the last 6K of the run because of the hilly circuit and because I was out of stamina, but I finished the run in 1h40m with no walking, making a big effort.

When I crossed the finish line I could not believe what I had done and how it worth all the sessions with Premiertri.

After the race

I recommend this experience to everyone and now I’m already thinking which one will be the next one

After the race

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